ASUS Release RT-AC66U Firmware – Build


Firmware version
– Release Note –

Security Fixed
– Fixed a security vulnerability regarding XSS.
– Fixed a security vulnerability regarding CSRF.
– Special thanks for Jamie’s contribution.

Bug Fixed
– Fixed wan detection related issues of quick internet setup wizard.
– Fixed UI redirection related issues.
– Fixed IE compatibility of quick internet setup wizard.

– Modified the firmware upgrade page. If there will be beta firmware released, users can also obtain and install the beta firmware in firmware upgrade page.
– Updated translation strings.
– Modified wan detection process.

Download: Click Here

10 thoughts on “ASUS Release RT-AC66U Firmware – Build

  1. Matt Reply

    I’m having issues with on RT-AC66U. After the update, the AP seems to reboot every few minutes. There’s nothing revealing in the logs.

    • admin Post authorReply

      Hi Matt,

      Did you done any hard reset after update?

      We will check on our side.

      Thank you for your feedback.

  2. jali Reply

    My WAN speed dropped from 300mbit to 200mbit, downgraded to Version

  3. Sander Reply

    It seems the guest network is no longer functioning with on RT-AC66U. It is visible but the router won’t accept connections

  4. Sander Reply

    And just upgraded to Issue with the guest network is solved. Thanks, Asus!

  5. Meher M Reply

    I just upgraded to firmware, I am unable to use my 5 GHZ band and the wifi speeds in 2.4 Ghz band is not more than 10 Mbps. My hard wired speed is 170 Mbps.

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